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Greener Picnic

Greener Picnic

We’re sure you’ve seen the images of mass pollution of our oceans and already know that we all really need to reduce the amount of waste we are producing. We are aiming to reduce the amount of single use plastic used at our events throughout 2018. There will be a number of changes and new schemes in place. Please work with us to make this a success as we head towards a greener Picnic Cinema.

This year we are offering fancy dandy bamboo reusable coffee cups at our events. They are available in a couple of colours and you can order them when you buy your ticket and pick them up at the event, easy.

Other stuff we’re working on…

PLASTIC BOTTLES: We will no longer be supplying water in plastic bottles at our events. Tap water will be available, and we encourage all visitors to bring a reusable bottle with them. If you don’t have a bottle, we can provide compostable cups to use instead of plastic.

PLASTIC FREE CATERING: Food at our Withnail & I event at Uncle Monty’s will be served with compostable serveware and wooden cutlery. Our Picnic Cinema run bars will also have only compostable cups.

MILK: Milk for tea & coffee is provided by North Lakes Dairy, delivered in glass bottles from the local milkman.

WINE: All wine at our Picnic Cinema bar (Withnail & I and Hamsterley Forest) is biodynamic, vegan and locally sourced (from Penrith!)

BEER: Beer on offer at our Picnic Cinema bars (Withnail & I and Hamsterley Forest) is locally sourced.

COFFEE CUPS: 50p levy on disposable coffee cups at our Withnail & I and Hamsterley Forest events, this will go towards disposing of the cups correctly in order that they can be recycled at one of only two recycling plants in the UK (one of which happens to be in Kendal!)

TRAVEL: Links to public transport to all our events are available on our website. We have also teamed up with the festival car sharing service GoCarShare. See if you can connect with other people traveling to our event and share lifts – Head to gocarshare.com.


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